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Got it, and all the other acknowledgments! :)  Have a great day. 
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  THanks for the newsletter!

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    We got it too!

    Randy Ross

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    We got the email.

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    >Great news letter
    This is a test from Bro. Weber
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    Stay Tuned

    An email newsletter from KJAB Christian Radio

    September 6th, 2006 www.kjab.com


    We are very excited to announce that KJAB's new
    website is up and
    operational. It's the same address www.kjab.com,
    with a new look and many,
    many new features. Let me list just a few.

    a.. Current Family Calendar items are listed on
    the front page
    b.. Prayer Requests can now be viewed and posted
    with ease. They can
    also be printed to take with you.
    c.. A Book Review section has been added, and you
    can search for titles
    and authors.
    d.. Local and Regional news headlines are posted
    on front page.
    e.. See what is currently playing and find out
    what aired in the last
    f.. Search for words or phrases in the King James
    Bible right from our
    home page.
    g.. Top songs for the month are listed.
    h.. Gifts can now be given online.
    i.. Take our KJAB Poll. Cast your vote on a
    variety of issues.
    j.. Purchase books or music from the website and
    help KJAB financially.
    k.. Many other features.
    Give us a look and let us know what you think.

    The Lord has been so good to us. We are excited
    about the new website and
    want to especially thank Dan Barker for his work in
    putting this together.
    If you have been looking for someone to do a web site
    for your church or
    organization, please let me highly recommend him. 
    Dan can create your
    website, host it for you, and make it easy to
    maintain. He has a special
    rate for non-profit groups. You can contact him at
    danbarker at tntgroup.com

    We get a steady stream of emails, letters, and
    calls letting us know what
    a blessing KJAB has been to our listeners. If you
    know of someone who does
    not have a good station in their area, and they have
    a high speed internet
    connection, please email them and give them an
    invitation to listen online.
    Our mission is to present the Gospel message that
    Jesus Christ is the only
    way of salvation, and to encourage those who have
    trusted Him to live for
    the Lord.

    Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your
    prayers on my behalf.
    Last April, I fell off my roof and broke my back. I
    am doing much better,
    although I have had to learn that recovery from this
    kind of injury takes
    time. The Lord has been very gracious to me in
    teaching me many lessons
    from this experience. Thanks again for your prayers.

    Unshackled airs Monday - Friday at 12:25 AM and
    5:30 PM, Saturday 12:25 AM
    and 8:00 PM, Sunday 12:25 AM and 7:00 PM. This radio
    drama tells the
    stories of men and women who's lives have been
    Unshackled through faith in
    Jesus Christ.

    Those of you who purchase books or music online can
    help the station by
    following the links from the new website
    www.kjab.com/books.php to CBD's web
    page and then purchasing your desired item. When you
    click on the links to
    purchase, or search for a title or author from our
    site it gives CBD a code
    that lets them know you came from KJAB, and they will
    credit us with the
    sale and donate back a portion to the station. 
    Thanks for the help.

    If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to the KJAB
    Web Cast Newsletter
    please Click Here

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