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I am getting many of these messages today.  

Carol McCaghren 

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Bro. Weber,

Gotcher email.

New Website looks like it will be easier to use.

Hope you're feeeling better.  I regret not getting over to see you, especially since your accident.  Will try to do that soon.  (Right.)

I don't remember the fall Sharathon.  What are the dates for that?  I didn't see them on the site.

By the weay, I think I caught a trace of KJAB on the way home from work this morning - on the west side of the hill.  Naturally, I live on the east side.


Bro. Rimi
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> We got the email.
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> >Great news letter
> This is a test from Bro. Weber
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>  Stay Tuned
>  An email newsletter from KJAB Christian Radio
>  September 6th, 2006  www.kjab.com
>  We are very excited to announce that KJAB's new
> website is up and
> operational.  It's the same address www.kjab.com,
> with a new look and many,
> many new features.  Let me list just a few.
>    a.. Current Family Calendar items are listed on
> the front page
>    b.. Prayer Requests can now be viewed and posted
> with ease.  They can
> also be printed to take with you.
>    c.. A Book Review section has been added, and you
> can search for titles
> and authors.
>    d.. Local and Regional news headlines are posted
> on front page.
>    e.. See what is currently playing and find out
> what aired in the last
> hour.
>    f.. Search for words or phrases in the King James
> Bible right from our
> home page.
>    g.. Top songs for the month are listed.
>    h.. Gifts can now be given online.
>    i.. Take our KJAB Poll.  Cast your vote on a
> variety of issues.
>    j.. Purchase books or music from the website and
> help KJAB financially.
>    k.. Many other features.
>  Give us a look and let us know what you think.
>  The Lord has been so good to us.  We are excited
> about the new website and
> want to especially thank Dan Barker for his work in
> putting this together.
> If you have been looking for someone to do a web site
> for your church or
> organization, please let me highly recommend him.
> Dan can create your
> website, host it for you, and make it easy to
> maintain.  He has a special
> rate for non-profit groups.  You can contact him at
> danbarker at tntgroup.com
>  We get a steady stream of emails, letters, and
> calls letting us know what
> a blessing KJAB has been to our listeners.  If you
> know of someone who does
> not have a good station in their area, and they have
> a high speed internet
> connection, please email them and give them an
> invitation to listen online.
> Our mission is to present the Gospel message that
> Jesus Christ is the only
> way of salvation, and to encourage those who have
> trusted Him to live for
> the Lord.
>  Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your
> prayers on my behalf.
> Last April, I fell off my roof and broke my back.  I
> am doing much better,
> although I have had to learn that recovery from this
> kind of injury takes
> time.  The Lord has been very gracious to me in
> teaching me many lessons
> from this experience.  Thanks again for your prayers.
>  Unshackled airs Monday - Friday at 12:25 AM and
> 5:30 PM, Saturday 12:25 AM
> and 8:00 PM, Sunday 12:25 AM and 7:00 PM.  This radio
> drama tells the
> stories of men and women who's lives have been
> Unshackled through faith in
> Jesus Christ.
>  Those of you who purchase books or music online can
> help the station by
> following the links from the new website
> www.kjab.com/books.php to CBD's web
> page and then purchasing your desired item.  When you
> click on the links to
> purchase, or search for a title or author from our
> site it gives CBD a code
> that lets them know you came from KJAB, and they will
> credit us with the
> sale and donate back a portion to the station.
> Thanks for the help.
>  If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to the KJAB
> Web Cast Newsletter
> please Click Here
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