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"Stay Tuned"  
A newsletter of KJAB Christian Radio 621 W. Monroe Mexico, MO  65265
Streaming Southern Gospel/Bluegrass Gospel Music 24/7

March 3rd, 2008

Station News
We had a taste of Spring on Sunday with a high of 79 and sunny skies.  It was 
so beautiful.  That changed today (Monday), it is 27 and we have snow and ice 
in the forecast.  Wow, what a change in just 24 hours.  When I think about 
this, I am reminded of the drastic change it will be when our Lord comes and 
takes us home.  It will be a change for the good for us that are saved, as 
we finally get to go to heaven.  For the Lost, it will be an unbelievable shock 
that they have been left behind.  How about you friend, will you meet Jesus 
when He comes?  I trust you know the Lord as your Savior, and are ready for 
His return.
The transition of Pastor Adam Weber taking over the leadership of the church is 
going very well.  The membership has officially changed the name of the church 
to Soul's Harbor Baptist Church.  Plans for a website are in the works, and 
you can e-mail Pastor Adam at shbcmexico at yahoo.com.  Visitors are coming, and 
souls are being saved.  It is exciting to watch how the Lord has brought all 
of this about.  
Preparations are underway for this years Spring Share-a-thon March 10th - 16th.  
If you are local to the area, you will especially want to know we are moving 
the Share-a-thon location to the Lake Lenore Banquet Hall.  This beautiful 
meeting facility can seat over 200 people comfortably and will give us the 
room we have so desperately needed.  There is plenty of parking, and ample 
room for both Share-a-thon and the meals under one roof.  Lake Lenore is located 
just three miles north of Mexico, on Hwy 15.  A map with directions is available 
on our home page by clicking here.  
As always we will have a great group of men working the anchor desk, and The 
Cases, and Bro. Kurt LaBouve will be returning to provide gospel musicthis 
year.  Several new groups will also be singing including, The McCloskey's, 
The West's, The Kallmeyers, the Sextons, and the Dysarts, and Crown of Joy.  
Also joining us will be Out of the Valley, Disciples of the Cross, the Liberty 
Bells, as well as others.  Our Spring Share-a-thon always has a revival theme 
with two preaching services each day.  Tuesday through Friday Pastor Lee Davis 
will preach at 11:00 AM CST, and Dr. Luther Spivey at 3:00 PM.  On Saturday, 
Pastor Adam Weber will bring our final message.  To see a schedule click here.  Those 
who listen by way of Internet are especially invited tell a friend, and tune 
in March 10th - 1th.

One Sunday morning, everyone in one bright, beautiful, tiny town got up early 
and went to the local church. Before the services started, the townspeople 
were sitting in their pews and talking about their lives, their families, etc. 
Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming 
and running for the exits, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get 
away from evil incarnate.
Soon everyone was evacuated from the church, except for one elderly gentleman 
who sat calmly in his pew, not moving... seemingly oblivious to the fact that 
God's ultimate enemy was in his presence. Now this confused Satan a bit, so 
he walked up to the man and said, "Don't you know who I am?" 
The man replied, "Yep, sure do." 
Satan asked, "Aren't you afraid of me?" 
"Nope, sure ain't," said the man. 
Satan was a little perturbed at this and queried, "Why aren't you afraid of 
The man calmly replied, "Been married to your sister for over 48 years."

Top Five Songs
1.  It Means Just What It Says     Greater Vision
2.  You Are with Me     McKameys 
3.  He Already Sees    Collingsworth Family
4.  That's Just God    Inspirations  
5.  I Choose    Ivan Parker
KJAB is a Singing News charting station.  Follow this link to view the February 
Prayer Requests
Pray for a listener going through a legal battle.  Pray it can be resolved 
in a short amount of time.
Pray for the singers and preachers coming to Share-a-thon for safety as they 
travel and good health.  Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the lost to 
see they need the Lord.
Pray for a grandson of a listener, Samuel who is 3years old and has in infection 
in his leg.
A listeners grandson, Christian, just 2 weeks old, in Children's Hospital in 
PHX, AZ with blood infection in his intestines.
Bro. Blanchard is a Missionary Evangelist who is in the hospital with pneumonia 
and not doing very well.  Pray for his healing. 

Our prayer requests are updated daily on our Prayer Request Page.  Visit us 
daily to see what needs are being presented.
Stream Report
KJAB began streaming live on the Internet in January of 2007.  Our listenership 
started off small, but has steadily grown.  Here is our streaming report for 
January 2008:  1488 connections with a total of 1770 hours of listening time.  
We were listened to from 17 different countries.

January saw tremendous growth in Internet Radio listenership.  Those who contacted 
us reported they were excited to get good Gospel Radio in their homes or work 
places.  Most reported there was nothing in their area worth listening to, 
and KJAB had met a real need in their lives.  We encourage you to pass the 
word to your friends to tune in via the Internet and enjoy the good Gospel 
Music and programming that is aired at KJAB.  Praise the Lord for what He has 
done in one years time!

There are several things you can do to improve your listening experience on the 
1.  Invest in a good set of computer speakers with a sub-woofer.  This will 
improve your sound coming from the computer
2.  Plug your computer's sound output to your home stereo system, or surround 
sound system.  
3.  Is your house wired for cable, but you don't use it?  Plug your computer 
output into the cable system in the house.  You will need a "boom box" or stereo 
system with a cable antenna connection.  Plug the radio into any cable plug 
in the house and set the stereo to "Aux" and you can listen in any room you 
have cable.    
KJAB is best listend to on the Internet with a DSL or high speed connection.  
E-mail us if you have any questions, or if your experiencing trouble.  
Emails and Letters We Love To Read
Dear Bro. Weber,
I'm writing to let you know what a blessing and encouragement it is to listen 
to KJAB on the mission field. Being here in Ukraine, in Eastern Europe out 
in the village area, everyone does not have all the modern things of life, 
but we thank the Lord we do have Internet access and can listen in to KJAB 
whenever we need a boost.  The music and children's programs and preaching 
that we  hear in English  refresh and renew our hearts and encourage us to 
keep on keeping on for the Lord.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  
The Lord is answering and we have had good numbers and faithful attendances 
at our church services and youth group and kids Bible club.  Thank you for 
your radio ministry and reaching out to not just Missouri but the world through 
your Internet broadcast.  You never know what hearts andlives you are touching.  

Lord bless you.
The Isbells  Missionaries to the Ukraine
MmiUkraine at aol.com

I enjoy your programming and plan to use the live stream since we aren't able 
to pick your station up by radio in this area.  Thank you!

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