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Dear Streaming List,

A fundraising concert has been scheduled for the Weber's to help with the expenses 
from Bro. Weber's  hospital stay.  We have been asked to pass this information 
on to all our listeners.  I want to say thanks to Bro. Steve Miller and Sister 
Patty Jones for all their effort to put on this event.  I know some of you 
are out of the area, but to those who are local I hope you can come.  Here 
is the info.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am sending you this letter because, First John 3:17a says, "But whoso hath 
this world's good, and seeth his brother have a need," there is a need in our 
community and we as Christians should be sensitive to the needs of others. 

Kevin Weber, the general manager of KJAB Christian Radio has had some major 
health issues. Therefore, on April 4, 2009, Praises To Him Ministries, is hosting 
a fundraiser for the Weber Family. 

Below is a copy of the letter I received from Dawn Weber, regarding his health.

Hi, Patty:
Here is an overview of what happened to Kevin. If you need more information, 
please let me know. 

On December 31, 2008 Bro. Weber went in for quadruple bypass heart surgery. 
Doctors determined that Bro. Weber had a heart attack and had blockage in at 
least 3 of the major vessels in the heart. This was a great surprise to Bro. 
Weber as it was unknown to him he'd had a heart attack or even had heart trouble. 
The surgery went well, but the recovery had complications. Instead of getting 
better, Bro. Weber got weaker and unable to walk or stand. He was diagnosed 
with Gillian Barre Syndrome and was moved back into ICU and treated. Gillian 
Barre Syndrome is a rare condition that strikes the nervous system of the body 
causing nerve damage that results in various levels of paralysis and numbness. 
If untreated it can be fatal. Doctors do not understand the cause of GBS nor 
what triggers it in patients. In Bro. Weber's case they feel the trauma of 
the surgery triggered the GBS. At first Bro. Weber was unable to walk and numb 
from his chest to his toes. He spent a month in the hospital and was released 
with the ability to walk with a walker. Since then he is able to walk with 
a cane and is seeing some improvement from the GBS. He is still numb from his 
chest to his feet, his forearms and hands, and the back of his head. This has 
also affected his body functions. The nerve damage done by GBS is reversible 
and most patients make a full recovery. The problem is that it is very slow 
recovery. Bro. Weber has been told that it could take one to two years before 
he is completely recovered. He also came out of surgery with vertical diplopia 
or double vision. He has to keep one eye covered in order to see normal. The 
doctors are unsure what caused this, and as of this date there has been no 
improvement. Of course, he cannot drive because of the double vision and balance 
problems from the GBS.

Bro. Weber's outlook on all of this is that the Lord has been very good to 
him. Two heart doctors told his wife that if they had not found the heart problem 
when they did, he would be dead from a heart attack in a short time. He feels 
that it was the prayers of God's people and the Lord putting him in a good 
hospital that kept the GBS from causing more damage than it did. While in ICU 
when things were not looking to good, Bro. Weber said he could feel the prayers 
of God's people working in his body. 

Bro. Weber will be unable to work in a full time capacity for several months, 
and only in a limited capacity at first. He has been out of work since January 
1st. We have applied for Disability and Medicaid and are waiting to hear if 
we qualify. 

In Him,
Dawn Weber
KJAB Christian Radio
Mexico, Missouri 


We will begin our fundraiser at 5 p.m. We will feed anyone that wants to come 
and dine with us. Menu is Ham and beans and cornbread, and Chile. At 6 p.m. 
we will began singing. This will be held at the First Assembly of God Church 
here in Mexico. Attached is a flyer about it.  

Please prayerfully think about this dear family. We would like to see you all 
for supper, but especially would like to have you join in while we sing God's 
praises. There is no charge for this, a love offering will be taken. If you 
would like to send a love offering to them, you can do this by sending to :

Praises to Him
c/o Steve Miller
23410 Monroe Road 840
Paris, MO 65275

Or you can contact Patty Jones @ 573-581-7079 Or Steve Miller @ 660-327-1308

We will be happy to pass this on to the Weber family. 

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