[KJAB Streaming] KJAB goes to 100,000 watts

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Tue Jun 15 17:50:59 CDT 2010

KJAB Christian Radio 
is ready to go to
100,000 Watts of Gospel Power!

Isn't that exciting news?  On May 26th, 2010 the FCC granted KJAB a construction 
permit to increase it's power to 100Kw making us one of the largest Christian 
radio stations in Missouri.  

How did this happen?  I thought KJAB was as large as it was going to be?
So did we.  Our engineers have told us that for several years.  Changes took 
place in the non-commercial band when Public Television (TV channel six) went 
to a digital signal.  This opened up a huge space in the non-com frequency 
we were not aware of.  Last fall the Lord nudged us to investigate the possibility 
of expansion.  We were shocked when we learded the Lord had opened the door 
for us to go to 100Kw.

What will this cost?
Getting the Gospel out always takes money.  We have estimated our cost to be 
$95,000.  We are asking 95 churches/individuals to pledge to give $1,000 over 
the next two and a half years.  That works out to $34.00 per month or roughly 
$400.00 per year between June 2010 to May 2013.  Could we ask you to prayerfully 
consider what you could do over the next 30 months?

How much has been raised?
Here is a table that we will keep updated on our webpage (Click Here) as the 
pledges and offerings come in.  Check it out from time to time and see how 
we are doing.

KJAB Power Expansion


Amount Pledged
Amount received




How far will KJAB reach?  
Below is a map of our estimated coverage.  This map takes into account the 
terrain and is color coded to show different dbu strengths.  Dbu strength determines 
how the reception  will be.  
A 60 and above dbu would be expected to be heard in the house depending on 
the construction.  Metal siding interferer's with reception. 
A 54 to 40 dbu would be the limits of signal in a vehicle.  Again this depends 
on terrain and interfering signals.
These are only estimates.  Some places will be stronger or weaker depending 
on competing signals, terrain, or construction materials. 

The population study revealed that we will increase our potential listening 
audience from 480,000 to 1.7 million people.  What an opportunity!

To download a pdf of this map on order to view it larger please Click Here

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