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KJAB is a charting station for the Southern Gospel industry magazine Singing News.  Below is the Top 20 Chart for Southern Gospel groups and Bluegrass Gospel artists that was submitted by our station.  Our chart is based on the number of spins played on the air.

KJAB Radio Chart From May 2018 Spins





1 Dinner On The Ground Little Roy & Lizzy Show Stowtown
2 A Little More Like You Ivan Parker Difference Media
3 Leave Your Sorrows Brothers 4 Independent
4 He's Everywhere Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Crossroads
5 How Much More Perrys Daywind
6 The Cross Is All The Proof I Need Tirumphant Quartet Stow Town
7 I'm Going Under Darrin & Brooke Aldrige Independent
8 The Holy Hills Of Heaven The Rick Webb Family Song Garden
9 Farther Down The Road Faithful Crossings Butler Music Group
10 Go Tell Perry Sisters Chapel Valley
11 That's What Love Can Do Southern Raised Stow Town
12 Master Oh Master Rumfelt Family SCM
13 God's Been Good Tammy Jones Robinett Little Creek
14 Jesus, What A Wonderful Name Williamsons Family Music Group
15 Look Up Talleys Crossroads
16 What An Anchor Mylon Hayes Family UIA
17 That Day Is Coming Collingsworth Family Stow Town
18 A Touch Of His Hand Joyaires Independent
19 Bow The Knee Rochesters UIA
20 Free To Worship Mike Blanton & Evidence Independent

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